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As a professional in designing and fabrication tensile structures, BKF Group is works in close synchronization with the clients and performs their requirements in the exact combination of architectural design and structure. Having more than 20 years of experience of design and structure of all types of Tensile Structure, our team is well-equipped to provide wide-ranging services from idea design, load analysis, detail design, contract document preparation to project management, contract supervision and control. Paying utmost attention to each aspect, we ensure that our customers get the best professional services at the most competitive prices. We have our own M & A Steel fabrication and membrane heat-sealing plant. In addition, our company has also incorporated spray painting facility for mild steel framework. Rather than working as a booking agent for companies overseas, we are working with consultants to design and develop membrane structures in India. Developing the structures in India saves a lot of foreign exchange for besides saving a lot of time. Special Features of tensile structures